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Security reports prove that 90% of computers having Internet access are infected with what is known as “spyware”. These malicious programs are downloaded to an unsuspecting user’s computer and are used to retrieve sensitive data. Spyware may find way to your system through freeware, shareware, commercial sites, deceptive popups and the like. Are you still pushing it? Here are some facts about spyware you might find useful.

  • Spyware gathers your private information without your consent. This information includes passwords and credit card details, as well as other sensitive data.
  • Once installed, spyware keeps track of your surfing habits, which makes it possible for unsolicited ads, popups and spam messages to make their way to your PC and disturb you even when you’re not surfing the Internet.
  • Spyware is any malicious software installed onto your computer with the purpose of covertly communicating your online activities to a third party.
  • Spyware can not be removed by antivirus software and firewalls, as these programs are not even able to find evidence of spyware being installed on the computer.
  • Spyware also uses your computer’s memory and system resources making your PC incredibly slow.
  • Your computer has slowed down
  • Your Internet connection speed has decreased
  • You have downloaded music or software from the Web
  • You get popups and annoying ads when you’re online or sometimes even offline
  • Your default home page has been changed to the one you didn’t ask for
  • You have an extra toolbar installed, and you don’t know where it came from
  • You receive more spam emails than ever
  • Did you answer “yes” to any of the questions above? If so, your PC is most likely infected with malicious objects. Click here for a FREE spyware scan and find out!

12.03.2005 New version of ADWPunisher
"Spyware is a broad term for software that hides on a PC, collecting data about you and what you do online."
12.03.2005 New version of ADWPunisher
"Spyware is a broad term for software that hides on a PC, collecting data about you and what you do online."

Meet AdwarePunisher-your best friend in keeping your private information safe from spyware. Our software is a powerful tool that has been created with the help of new powerful technologies. That’s what makes AdwarePunisher one of the leading antispyware programs on the Web! Now you can finally spend your time on worthy things instead of wasting it on combating spyware!

Advanced Spyware Scan- AdwarePunisher will perform a full scan of your system using its comprehensive database on malicious objects. Nothing that is of danger to your privacy will be left unnoticed! The tool features a user-friendly interface that makes the program perfect for home use. Got spyware? Get rid of it in 3 simple steps now!

Monitor-AdwarePunisher’s anti-spyware monitor provides full protection against incoming spyware. Will it sneak to your computer? Not even a chance! While the scan helps you get rid of spyware, the monitor will be on the watch any time you start your PC!

eWeek: "Beware how you Google! Security researchers warn that a one-letter typo in Google's domain name could lead to a massive virus- and spyware-infection attack."

Network World Fusion: "Widespread attack cripples computers with spyware! An insidious new Internet attack that hijacks a victim's Internet connection and stealthily installs a barrage of adware and spyware is targeting businesses and organizations across the U.S."

Yahoo News: "According to data gathered from scans performed by the Panda ActiveScan, spyware and adware represent 60 percent of all examples of malware detected between January and March 2005."

Creativematch UK: "According to Dell technical support, nowadays 12 percent of their support calls involve problems related to some kinds of Spyware. Microsoft reports that 50 percent of all computer crushes are caused by Spyware viruses and Trojans."

Net Security: "Phishing spyware, a type of online fraud that tries to steal confidential data from users by spoofing emails from reliable sources such as banks, has increased at a monthly rate of 20 percent during the first quarter of this year, in terms of the number of new emails using this kind of fraud."

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